Avg retail registration | www.avg.com/retail

First of all we need to reach page www.avg.com/retail

here are the steps to install avg license number –
  • open avg.com/retail page  or avg retail account page to directly login to your account . If you do not have a account then you need to go avg.com/retail. Here see description of installation with avg account
  • and then in second explanation you will find how to install avg on avg.com/retail.
  • Now see below an image of
  • Avg my account page

  • avg my account page
  • On this page just login with your credentials and you will be able to add your new license number . Just add your new product to your account
  • Finally you are ready to download your new avg antivirus . Download and run it.
  • Seems like it is done at your end also .


Avg activation at www.avg.com/retail

this one is applicable when you do not have an avg account.

step by step explanation to install avg with license number  at avg.com/retail page

1- Open www.avg.com/retail page in your browser , see image below to verify if you are on the right page


  • on this page put all the things it is asking like your email , activation code and password
  • Note- password here is not a password you already have , here you are going to create a new password for your new avg account.
  • Now click on “register and activate” below
  • register and activate avg
  • Now you will get a verification email on the email address you provided in this registration.
  • Go to your inbox verify its you.
  • Now login to your account as it is created now and you will find your product inside in download your product section
Terms , question and answers –
what is avg retail card ?

Avg retail card is the box which you got at the time of purchase.

An avg activation code is mentioned on that retail ,which you will need to install your avg.If you have not a retail card then you will get your activation code on your email (online purchase).

what is avg activation code ?

Avg activation code is 30 characters alphanumeric unique string and it is mentioned on avg retail card .

Technical support features for avg retail activation at avgretail.tech

Avgretail.tech is a technical support page for avg retail activation. Contact us in case –

  • Avg installation and re-installation.
  • To remove and uninstall your avg antivirus.
  • Also troubleshoot your avg product in case you have any concern or problem with the software.
  • Furthermore get quick fix solutions or you want answer to any of your question feel free to contact us.

Supplemental / Additional technical support

We also  provide technical support on various other affairs related to the computer. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Speed up your slow system / computer / Laptop.
  • Manual scan for any type of hidden malware which is not detectable with an antivirus security.
  • Remove hidden attacking adwares with a complete manual diagnostic.
  • Repair almost all type of operating system error , dll issues , integrity issues and many more.
  • Install / Re-install an operating system including windows 7 , windows 8 and windows 10.
  • Resolve almost every software problem from your computer.

Technical support subscription , system backup and future software security after installing you avg retail purchase

  • Now if you installed you avg , may be not. Still you can go for technical support subscription. In either technical support is a totally different thing. It is simply piece of your mind. Like right now you are installing avg or may be in future you will install any software you don’t need to think over it. If you take a online technical support subscription then you are covered in case of any issue with the any of the software in the computer.
  • Additional security – Apart from the avg there are more part of security is there. As in today’s complex world daily new threats are created and travel to your computer via the internet. New threats like adware , popups , some of the Trojans , ransomware and  spyware needs your more attention. Along with an antivirus security like Avg one should have an anti malware in his computer. Anti malware software take care of numerous type of malware and provides you additional security. The deadly combination of avg retail antivirus and anti malware gives you nearly cent percent  security.
  • Restore point and system backup – create a restore point in your computer. This restore point will be like a system backup. So in future if somehow you messed up your computer. You may recover your computer to an old system restore point at any point of time.
  • System maintenance and system maintenance tool ( along with avg retail take a maintenance tool ) –

    A system maintenance tool is software which is used to clean up your computer from the garbage and junk files. Due to use of internet software computer needs some files to store. To properly run a software some of the temporary files are created in the system in every session. These files are actually of no use after the a single session. As a result these files become garbage after the use. There are more that 30 -40 folders of such files and manually it is almost impossible to clean the whole system. To clean all this mess we need a maintenance software. Ccleaner professional is a good example of a maintenance tool. It gives us full cleanup of system. Furthermore it includes a registry cleaner also.

These are some of the important thing which you get with a good technical support subscription. You can contact us via our get started button.